Treasure of the Sun Stone
Castaway – Chapter 4 Treasure of the Sun Stone
On January 21, 2019 | 0 Comments

The bonfire immediately grew from sparks in the kindling to dancing flames in the parched fuel. Soon it overtook the waning sunset as the source of light on the beach. The crew of the Siren Song, 75 in all, brought crates, camp stools, and small casks to set up as seating around the bonfire. One […]

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Mischief Ashore – Chapter 3 Treasure of the Sun Stone
On January 4, 2019 | 0 Comments

Grace took a deep breath before taking up the looking glass. Ever since her fever broke and she had been awake, she had been running her fingers through the shortened hair. The lack of weight on her head was still strange. Now she would see if she deserved the pitying looks she received from Bartolo […]

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Queen of the Galleons – Chapter 2 Treasure of the Sun Stone
On November 6, 2018 | 0 Comments

The ample brim of his hat did little to shade his eyes from the dazzling sunlight. Images fo the chapel entrance still burned white in his vision as Captain Montoya slowly stepped down the center aisle toward the altar. Eventually his eyes adjusted to the candlelight of is favorite shrine in Manila. While the full […]

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Mermaid Dream – Chapter 1 Treasure of the Sun Stone
On November 1, 2018 | 0 Comments

“Hot… Hot… Burning up inside. Smothering outside.” Whether she thought it or spoke it aloud, Captain Grace O’Malley could not be certain. She was certain, however, that she was unbearably hot and bound up in something steaming wet and heavy. All was darkness, silence, and discomfort. She had to get free. She had to get […]

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