Chapter 5

Archbishop Alonzo de Urdaneta growled in frustration. His forehead wrinkled as he squinted in the candlelight. He had the stone in his possession for weeks, but he had made little progress in understanding its power. His vast collection of texts and correspondence with others in his circle had helped to verify that he did indeed have one of the ancient Atlantean stones of power. His frustration was caused by his inability to get the stone to do anything other than prevent the piles of parchment and vellum from sliding off his desk. Day had passed into night and back to day again without any notice. To ensure his privacy as he studied, Urdaneta closed himself and his chamber off from the outside world. Every description, every account of the stone had been tested. He rubbed it, tapped it, rolled it. He smashed and crushed other rocks with it. He...   Want to know what happens in this chapter? Join the pirate crew... or at least claim a hammock on the beach on Patreon to finish reading this chapter of Treasure of the Sun Stone.
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