Chapter 6

The nine Indians that had been aboard the bark seemed relieved as they were escorted aboard the Siren Song. Although they were immediately lead below to the hold, Grace signaled to have food and water brought to them. “They seem to be in a sorry state, Captain,” Hawkins reported. “They are all very thin and don’t seem to have had much fresh water to drink. I think we may have rescued them rather than captured them.” “And the state of the boat?” Grace asked. “She’s sound enough, although that sail is not going to last much longer. If they have been out fishing, they’ve had little luck. The cargo holds are practically bare, and their nets are dry and crusted. I am interested to hear what they have to say for themselves.” She watched Hawkins. Although he seemed to be concerned about the fishermen, there was a gleam in...   Want to know what happens in this chapter? Join the pirate crew... or at least claim a hammock on the beach on Patreon to finish reading this chapter of Treasure of the Sun Stone.
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