Chapter 7

Following the invitation to luncheon, Captain Caseau offered the help of several of his crew to finish work on the barque. Soon the beach was alive with activity as the French sailors set to work with the motley crew of the Siren Song. Grace, Bartolo, and Henry Quintor were soon welcomed aboard La Columbe and ushered into the captain’s cabin. Since the day remained still and was growing hotter, heavy curtains had been drawn along one side of the cabin while the windows opposite were opened wide to admit the scant breeze. The cabin was practical in its decor. A couple of lanterns hung from the low ceiling. A large heavy table stood on a fine wool rug at the back of the cabin. Stacked around it were casks and chests of various sizes. Books were lined up along the railing below the windows. Captain Caseau stepped around the...   Want to know what happens in this chapter? Join the pirate crew... or at least claim a hammock on the beach on Patreon to finish reading this chapter of Treasure of the Sun Stone.
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