Chapter 8

With the success of those first small captures, the crews of both the Siren Song and La Columbe voted in resounding favor for raiding Guayaquil. During the 200 mile cruise the men dreamed of the riches stockpiled in the largest port on the Pacific coastline. Guayaquil had long since established itself as a center of trade between Lima and Panama. It was also a major ship-building center, supplying the merchant families with the ships necessary to transport silver, coca, leather, wool, indigo, and small quantities of silk and porcelain acquired with the arrival of the Manila galleons. This bastion of the Spanish Empire had a population of over 2,000 souls that followed the tenants of the One True Faith in five lavish churches. The people of Guayaquil lived with a sense of peace and ease with little fortification. Their position at the mouth of a river estuary was a...   Want to know what happens in this chapter? Join the pirate crew... or at least claim a hammock on the beach on Patreon to finish reading this chapter of Treasure of the Sun Stone.
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