Chapter 9

Father Miguel raised his head from the edge of his bed. He had kneeled beside it for his early morning prayers. “Did I doze off again?” he wondered. The room was still dim as the pale pre-dawn light began to creep in through the one small window of his sleeping chamber. He stood and stretched. It was a festival day and activities would start early this morning.  “Ba-Boom!” came the low rumbling blast. Father Miguel felt it as much as he heard it. Before he could reach for his robes, “ba-boom,” it shook the room again. “That’s not thunder,” Miguel spoke to himself as he dressed quickly. “That’s a canon.” He rushed outside just as the third concussive blast roared through air. He turned in the direction of the sound. It was coming from the harbor, not the fort. Miguel ran for the doors of the church. People would...   Want to know what happens in this chapter? Join the pirate crew... or at least claim a hammock on the beach on Patreon to finish reading this chapter of Treasure of the Sun Stone.
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