G+ Hangouts & Content Marketing – CopyPress Webinar
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At 3:00 PM Eastern today, I will be joining Debbie Horovitch of Social Sparkle and Shine and the CopyPress Webinar team to discuss what’s so hot about Google+ Hangouts on Air.  Our hostess, Nicole Jones, will be taking participants through the finer points of the basics of the platform, and explaining why your content marketing strategy is suffering without it. We will also be demonstrating just how awesome Hangouts on Air really are, and how to utilize them effectively.

As soon as we have the feed, you will be able to view the Hangout live right here, so be sure to bookmark this post.

For more information on the CopyPress Webinars and register for this and other sessions, follow the links 🙂

For those of you that want to check out what a Google+ Hangout looks like right now, check out this session on Social Media Analytics from a couple of weeks ago with the crew at Search News Central.

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