One Line Wisdom, Guest Post for SearchMarketingWidsom

Recently I made the trek to the Great White North to attend and share my thoughts atMediaBistro’s Socialize Conference in Toronto, Ontario. If you have ever wanted to soak up some serious social media wisdom from the best minds in the business but find the huge conferences a little off-putting, then Socialize may be just the conference for you. The conference draws the same top shelf speakers you would find at, say PubCon, but presents them in a smaller, intimate venue that makes such thought leaders easily accessible.

Just as the snowflakes began to swirl through the streets of Toronto, savvy marketers gathered at the St. Andrews Club to take their social media game up a notch. Following is a sampling of some of the best moments in 140 characters or less.
Opening Keynote: Past, Present, and Future: Measuring Social Media’s Impact by Alan K’necht

  • Social Media: Informal Social gathering / a Medium of cultivation; agency of doing something
  • It’s always been about the words, the tools have changed.
  • Social marketing is still about the relationships
  • Social marketing is a FIRE: it draws people together
  • Users measure impact on a very personal level. What are you doing to impact people on a personal level?
  • Gutenberg’s Printing Press was a catalyst to French Revolution; Same as Arab Spring on Twitter

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