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Social Media Policy Guest Post for Search Engine Journal

Social Media has become a double edged sword. It gives businesses easy access to their customers and aids in communicating with them, but at the same time it gives employees a forum to waste time and possibly to do harm to the brand. A well thought out social media policy is a must for businesses large and small.

For any company, it is very tempting to opt for a social media free zone at work. Keep employees off the time sucking sites and keep them focused on the task at hand, right?

If your company depends on a workforce consisting of employees under the age of 35, maybe not.

The amazing millennial brain is not wired the way boomer brains are. These kids have grown up in a world of digital media and high speed internet. Recent college grads never owned a tape player and think that vinyl records are vintage collector’s items. They learned to type on a computer and have never been aware of a world without email. From a very early age they have been processing information at speeds that would melt the brains of their baby-boomer supervisors.

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  1. Michelle

    I am kind of mixed giving employees access to social media while at work, as in the current work environment it is do more with less.

    Completely agree that the right person assigned to social branding can be a huge benefit and help increase sales.

    Working hard to get better results, to improve conversion rate and increase sales!

    Like your ideas!

    Stopped by after class at the University of San Francisco to find out more about your site!

    Steve Schellert

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