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The news from around the industry was full of changes and updates this week.  Check out the sampling from our contributions to Search Engine Journal.

FTC Concedes to Google on Antitrust Ruling

The Federal Trade Commission ruled to drop any further action against Google after a two year long antitrust investigation.

The FTC’s decision has stirred much ire within the ranks of Google competitors.  The major complaint is that the FTC focused more on the impact on free search users rather than on the impact to paying advertisement customers.  Of course there is also a great outcry about Google’s marketing and lobbying efforts.  According to a recent post in the Wall Street Journal, “The Internet company spent years on lobbying and other efforts to build up goodwill in Washington, becoming the fifth-highest spender on lobbying in 2012, shelling out more than $14 million related to the antitrust probe and other issues, according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics and lobbying disclosure statements.”

#Facebook Timeline Redesign Rolls Out in New Zealand

As we reported to you last November, Facebook has been working on a redesign of Timeline away from the 2 column layout.  Just before Christmas, a selection of Facebook power users were given a chance to give the single column redesign of Timeline a test drive.  Facebook diva, Mari Smith, was one of the delighted users to give the new iteration of Timeline a spin.  She detailed the updated features in her blog in December.

Yesterday, Facebook users in New Zealand found the same changes have been made to their personal Timelines.  Recent privacy settings and other changes have been rolling out in New Zealand first, so it’s a good indicator that the updates are forthcoming.

Have You Been Invited to the NEW Myspace Yet?

We first alerted you to the coming iteration of the new NEW Myspace last fall when the preview video was first released.  At the time all you could do was watch the super cool video and leave your email address in hopes of getting an invite to Justin Timberlake’s hot media party.  So far only a very select few have been given the “exclusive” privilege of checking out the New Myspace for themselves.

Google Hangouts On Air Now Full Screen

Hangouts on Air take the concept public and let others see the event both live and recorded for later viewing.  The video streams from your Google Plus account to your YouTube channel, where its saved and is available to be viewed later. Hangouts on Air have all the functionality of the regular hangouts with screen sharing, text chat, and up to 9 other video participants.  Sharing the live event is as easy as sharing your YouTube URL.  And with the update to a full screen default, your hangouts will look far more professional.

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