The Adie Sturm Mystery Series – Pleasure and Peril in Paradise
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Murder/Romance Author, Anastasia Amor

Murder/Romance Author, Anastasia Amor

If you are at all like me, then you love to curl up on a rainy day with a book that will take you on an adventure   How about an escape to a tropical paradise, something truly exotic?  Ever wish you could dive crystal clear Caribbean waters and visit a coral reef?  How about dancing away a sultry tropical night with a handsome lover?  Well, my dear friend, Anastasia Amor, has given us all that and so much more in her Adie Sturm Mystery Series.

ACorpseForCozumelWe meet Adie for the first time in “A Corpse for Cozumel.” Adie is trying to escape the miserably cold Canadian winter for a research trip to Cozumel, Mexico.  Before she can take flight a man is found murdered and her best friend has become the prime suspect.  The odd circumstances of her friend’s life lead to clues in beautiful Cozumel.  The closer she gets to the answers, the more Adie’s own life is in danger.  To complicate matters, an old flame reemerges like a god from the sea and a new flame seeks to stir Adie’s deepest passions.

DaysOfTheDeadWhen Adie returns to Cozumel with a tour group in “Days of the Dead,” danger continues to follow her every step.  This time it is the owner of the travel agency she works for who is not only suspected of murder but in mortal danger herself.  Adie has to tread carefully to protect herself and the people around her.  But, not everything about this trip is strictly business.  Adie still needs to sort out her own feelings for two drop dead gorgeous men.  Will she let herself fall in love with the dreamy Wolf DuLac?  Or will Adie give into the decadent charms of the steamy Diego Alvarez?

TheCurseOfTheCarnavalIn the third book in the series, “The Curse of the Carnaval,”Adie returns once more to Cozumel for a friend’s wedding.  Before the first toasts can be made in honor of the happy couple, Adie is being considered as the prime suspect in the brutal murder of one of the other members of the wedding party.   Adie is in the worst trouble of her life and, despite her misgivings, she must seek the help of the very powerful and very sexy Diego Alvarez.  Nothing would make Diego happier than to claim Adie for his own, but Adie has managed to fall completely for Wolf.  Now she must sort out the mysterious murder of a man that nearly everyone hated, keep herself out of a Mexican jail, and wind up with the right man in her life.

There is so much to love about this series. Particularly, I found the characters to be charming and real. Anastasia Amor seems to have captured the personalities of people I would be proud to call friends. Adie Sturm is certainly a lovely woman of fearless passion, but she’s still real enough to deal with unfortunate hair disasters caused by helmets and humidity.  Then there’s beautiful Cozumel.  Ms. Amor has captured the sights and sounds of this vacation destination in vivid detail.

I’m especially excited to share this series with you, because I have it from Anastasia herself that there is a fourth adventure on the way.   This time the azure waters of the Caribbean off the coast of Cozumel hold danger for divers.  Adie will somehow find herself  in the middle of a dive gone horribly and mysteriously wrong.  So, kick back, relax, and let Anastasia Amor take you on the vacation of a lifetime.

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