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As a Community Manager, an expert in all things social, what do you look for in people you choose to follow on Twitter? What qualities constitute a Twitizen of high quality worthy of taking up time and space in your personal Twitterverse?

Is a person with a huge following truly an influencer?

Granted, most people are really impressed by that HUGE follower number. Certainly, if you are Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Dr. Phil, or Disney Pixar, there is an element of name recognition. Lots of people will follow simply because they’ve heard of them. Question is, are those followers REALLY paying attention to what any of these big-wig celebrities have to say? Is there anything really meaningful going on here, or is it a case of a bunch of mind-numbed minions following whatever happens to be the most sensational in pop culture at the moment.
As pointed out by a young blogger for, a mega following certainly contributes to earning the label of “Power Twitter User.” There is potential to affect the way of thinking for a very large group of people. But potential is meaningless in and of itself. It’s what is done with this massive following that matters.

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